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Salsa Minute with Salsabrosa, Episode 1

We travel all over with Afro-Cuban Orchestra, Salsabrosa, teaching and performing Salsa Dance. Here is the basic step so that you can have a head start when we come to YOU!

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Music and Dance

We Make You Move

When we formed Salsabrosa, we knew it was important to bring together the most talented Latin musicians in the Twin Cities. We also made a conscious decision to “bring salsa to the masses” in a very personal way: through the dances themselves. By making dance instruction part of every Salsabrosa performance, we’re able to share […]

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Salsa Dancers

Salsa Dance Styles

Cuban Style Salsa Cuban salsa style is characterized by Afro Cuban style body movement which includes body isolation and hip movement. Cuban style salsa does not have many fast spins. Instead the movement is very circular as opposed to linear and partners tend to travel around each other. Miami Style Salsa Miami style salsa evolved […]

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