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Led by Cuban vocal powerhouse Zusel Balbín and captivating pianist Yazmín Bowers, Salsabrosa is known for it’s ability to take a party from 0 to 60 in a song. One of the premier Salsa acts in the Midwest. Salsabrosa’s incomparable vocals, explosive Afro-Cuban rhythms, and potent horn power make even the shyest audiences want to get up and dance.

Salsabrosa brings it’s “Cuban Carnaval” to weddings, colleges, corporate events, and festivals throughout the region. The band has an extensive repertoire of Latin styles including Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha and Bolero. Upon request, Salsabrosa performs with expert dancers whose performances and mini-lessons engage everyone in the festivities. Salsabrosa's dancer’s include Hanna Esparza, Chini Yeniel Perez, and other celebrated dancers from the Twin Cities’ best dance studios. Salsabrosa's performances are always a powerful celebration of the marvelously diverse community that our country has become.

Whether it be background music at a corporate reception or a red hot college dance party, the Salsabrosa Quintet delivers that which the occasion demands. Combined with the performances and instruction of Salsabrosa’s dancers, crowds are routinely on their feet from start to finish. And if the moment calls for mellow, Salsabrosa’s music will effortlessly transport you to a Havana beach with it’s soft, romantic vibe.

Salsabrosa’s musicians are the Best of the Best in the Twin Cities. Vocalist Zusel Balbín packs a Cuban vocal punch that is rivaled by no one in the Midwest, while pianist/vocalist Yazmín Bowers hits the Cuban groove as if she were born there. Twin Cities bassist, Elmar Romain, of “Ska-tet” fame, lays down the musical foundation, while Mariano Flores Castillo (drums, timbales), Angel Diaz (congas) and Jairo Espinosa (bongos) mesmerize us with their precision and bold hits. Sten Johnson (trumpet, trombone), LeAnn Lindren (tenor/alto sax, flute) and Matt Hanzelka (trombone) represent an experienced Latin horn section that will quickly make you forget their gringo roots. The artists of Salsabrosa have fascinating histories and a wealth of experience to draw upon. You’ll enjoy reading more about them in their biographies.

Read the latest reviews of Salsabrosa:

Noche de Salsa

“Salsabrosa rocked the house at the CSB/SJU “Noche de Salsa” fund raiser for Amnesty International! Over 400 students were shaking their hips to thumping latin beats and passionate lyrics. The event was a huge success and we plan to make the Salsabrosa concert an annual event.”

—College of Saint Johns

St. Thomas University

“Salsabrosa was energetic and kept the whole crowd dancing the entire time! (Salsabrosa) had people talking about their performance for months! They were extremely professional and, at the same time, so fun to work with!”

—St. Thomas University

Normandale Community College

“Salsabrosa is a high energy, high impact, crowd pleasing group. Our students and staff were engaged from the moment Salsabrosa entered the stage. I highly recommend this band for your next event!”

—Normandale Community College

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