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Posted on: Friday January 13th, 2012

Music and Dance

When we formed Salsabrosa, we knew it was important to bring together the most talented Latin musicians in the Twin Cities. We also made a conscious decision to “bring salsa to the masses” in a very personal way: through the dances themselves.

By making dance instruction part of every Salsabrosa performance, we’re able to share the energy and exhilaration that we feel as musicians by inviting Latin music lovers to the dance floor. In fact, the West African rhythms of our music make it almost impossible to resist moving your body.

And, while salsa, bachata and merengue are a complex musical blend of passion, energy, and vitality, learning to move to these Latin rhythms isn’t complicated at all. After a few minutes with our expert instructors, you’ll have the dance steps – and the confidence – to take you through an exhilarating night of dance.

Salsabrosa loves bringing salsa to you … and we look forward to seeing your passion on the dance floor.

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